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About Us

About Us

About Document Preparation Company

We are an online professional document preparation company that provides paralegal document preparation services for consumers who have issues with their child support payments concerning their children. We create professional documents that are accepted in 50 States.

Disclaimer: We are not a Law firm and do not engage in the practice of Law.

Our Services

Child Support, Violation

We provide paralegal document preparation services for child support. This is a professional written letter that is created by our firm reminding the children's father or mother that they are behind in their child support payments or that they have violated a court order. These letters get results concerning your child support payments.

Child Care Authorization

General Parner Agreement to Be Full Time

Limited Parner Agreement

Claim for Damage-Or Injury

Articles of Association for non-profit business

Power of Attorney, General

n-400 form for citizenship

Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

Credit Card, Unauthorized or Incorrect Charge

Credit Denial, Request for Clarification - Credit Reports

Employment Authorization Form

Form 1-90

Child Visitation Rights, Violation Notice

Child Visitation

F - 1 VISA

We provide affordable document preparation services of F - 1 VISA for Academic Students.

K - 1 VISA

Fiancee of United States Citizen

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